Winash Residential Care Clevedon
7 & 9 Albert Road, Clevedon, BS21 7RP
Tel: 01275 873129

Terms & Conditions

Please print out this document, read it and sign. You should return it completed as soon as possible before taking up a offer of residence.

1. Thank you for choosing Winash as your home. We hope you will have a happy and fulfilling life with us.

Our Staff will do everything they can to provide you with a warm & happy environment where you may meet new friends and enjoy a satisfying and rewarding quality of life. If you experience any problems or difficulties during your stay then please let us know so that we can assist you in resolving them.

Winash is committed to promoting the privacy and dignity of it’s residence. Residents are encouraged to be involved in making decisions about their own lives and their environment. We aim to support residents in making choices about their lifestyle (e.g. holding own medication, room key etc). The needs of the Resident are of paramount importance.

Level of Fees £                per week
Room number:

Time and method of payment – One week in advance by Standing Order. Any alternative times and method of payment to be agreed at the discretion of the Management.

2. Services covered by fees:

  • Single / sharing room accommodation and use of all communal rooms.
  • Provision of three meals per day.
  • Drinks provided morning, afternoon and evening as required.
  • Heating & lighting provided as required.
  • Personal laundry laundered on the premises.
  • The room maintained in a clean and tidy condition.
  • Assistance with some personal care. *

* An additional charge may be levied if the person requires a lot of personal care on a daily basis up to the higher rate of Attendance Allowance.

3. Additional services for which there is a separate charge:

  • Dry cleaning
  • Chiropody
  • Hairdressing
  • Certain transport
  • Monthly outings
  • Telephone
  • Dentist
  • Optician
  • Medicines not provided by the National Health Service

4. Procedure for increasing fees:

It is our policy to review the level of fees annually for the beginning of the financial year in April.
Fees may also be increased / reviewed in the event that additional care or special services are required by a resident, whose health has deteriorated which necessitates additional care.
Also fees may increase according to the scale of charges if a resident moves to a larger / superior room.
Charges may also be reviewed during the year if there is an increase in the level of inflation, 4 weeks notice of an increase in fees would be given at this time.

5. Late payment of fees & charges:

In the event that payment due to Winash is delayed by fourteen days (14) of the due date (whether or not a bill has been delivered) then interest may be charged at 3% above base rate until payment has been received.

6. Terms under which a resident may vacate their room temporarily:

Should a resident be temporarily absent from Winash, whether on holiday or in hospital, then their accommodation will be deemed to be reserved provided that their fees continue to be paid.

7. Personal items which the Resident will be expected to provide:

Toiletries – i.e. soap, toothpaste, denture cream bubble bath etc
Personal items of clothing – please ensure that all items are clearly labelled with embroidered name tabs. We can offer to sew on labels, once purchased, for those unable to do so. Please ensure that all items of clothing are machine washable. Winash will not be held responsible for articles of clothing lost or damaged in the laundry.

8. Residents Furniture:

Furniture owned by a Resident may be brought into the room when a Resident takes up occupancy. However this must be by prior arrangement, and subject to:
inspection and agreement to ensure the condition of the furniture does not render it unsuitable or unfit
inspection to ensure that it is fire retardant ( furniture with fire safe triangles would be considered safe)

9. Electrical Equipment:

All electrical equipment items brought into the home must be inspected to ensure they are safe for use, and will be annually inspected for its continued use. We reserve the right at our discretion to withhold permission for their use. We would not recommend the use of electric blankets or electric heaters due to the risk of burns and causing fires.

10. Smoking and Alcohol Policy:

Winash is covered by the Smoke-free regulations that came into force on 1st. July 2007. This means smoking is not permitted on the premises and only in designated areas outside. Residents are respectfully requested not to smoke over members of Staff due to the health risks from passive smoking. Winash is committed to the concept of positive health and would encourage and support Residents in giving up smoking.

Residents are not restricted from having alcohol in their rooms should they so wish. However, if the consumption of alcohol affects the Residents behavior to the extent that they are at risk to themselves or others in the Home, then the Manager may discuss restricting access to alcohol or seeking support with reducing alcohol consumption. Should this be unacceptable to the Resident and if the Manager deems that the safety of others and /or disruption of the smooth running of the Home be at risk, then the Resident may be asked to leave, giving the appropriate notice period.

11. Pets:

It is our policy that pets are only allowed if the Resident is able to care for their pets themselves and only if prior permission has been sought from the Management of Winash. This is subject to pets receiving appropriate health checks and vaccinations from a veterinary surgeon.

12. Admission Procedure:

In order to make a decision as to the suitability of an applicant for admission and to assess if we can meet their care needs Winash requires full information as to the state of health of the applicant and any particular medical treatment which is needed. The name and address of the Medical Practitioner, the next of kin or other person to be contacted in the event of emergency is also required. Any changes which may occur from time to time should also be notified.

The first 4 weeks shall be regarded as a trial period for the benefit of the applicant, existing Residents and the Manager.


A SHORT – TERM stay is for any period longer than 3 weeks.

A letter of agreement will be issued in addition to this contract stating the length of stay for either SHORT TERM or RESPITE STAY.

A short –term stay may be terminated giving one weeks’ notice on either side. If a Resident is admitted to hospital during a SHORT TERM STAY and is expected to return to Winash then the full cost will be expected.

Where a Resident is admitted to hospital or leaves the home during a RESPITE STAY then the full cost will be expected.

Where a RESPITE STAY is cancelled giving notice of 10 Working Days or more, no payment will be due.

14. Medications:

Residents are encouraged to keep and administer their own drugs and medicines subject to a monthly risk assessment being carried out; a locked cabinet will be provided for the storage of your medication, however it is acknowledged that there may be occasions when residents are unable or unwilling to do so. In such circumstances we will make appropriate arrangements to safeguard medication and administer the same in accordance with the Doctors’ instructions.

15. Occupancy of Accommodation:

No occupancy of any kind is created as a result of your occupancy of accommodation at this home. The control of such accommodation will remain at all times with the Proprietor of Winash and the benefit of the agreement shall be personal to you only, and is not assignable.

16. Visiting hours:

There are no restrictions on visiting, but it is hoped that visitors will respect residents’ mealtimes.

17. Statement of insurance of Winash:

The Directors of Winash do not accept responsibility for cash, credit cards, certificates, bonds, cheques, deeds, documents, jewellery, furniture, furnishings, clothing, personal effects or other valuable items that are brought into the home unless specific arrangements are agreed with us in relation to such items. Residents are required to provide their own personal insurance for such items against all risks.

For those Residents who are unable to insure their own effects, we have made arrangements for the effects of Residents to be insured for £1000.00 (one thousand pounds).
Neither the Directors nor the Staff of Winash can be held responsible for the collection of pensions or other benefits on behalf of the Resident, and any arrangements made of that nature are between the Resident and the collector.

18. Policy as to the circumstances, in which a Resident might be asked to leave:

Residents may not be asked to leave Winash without good reason. Should a Resident be asked to leave then they will be assisted in making plans for suitable alternative accommodation.


  1. Residents needs are reviewed every 6 months when their Care Plan is evaluated or on the occasion when their needs are significantly changed.
  2. Should the Residents’ physical or mental health deteriorate to such an extent that they would not be receiving the care that they require then this would be discussed with the Resident and / or their Representative and 4 (four) weeks notice of termination of contract would be given.
  3. Should the conduct of a Resident be such that they are a danger to themselves or others, then notice of termination of contract would be given.
  4. Should the conduct of a Resident or their appointee be such that it disrupts or interferes with the running of Winash, then 4 (four) weeks termination of contract would be given. This would only occur in extreme cases and would only be considered if the relationship between the Resident and Winash had broken down irretrievably.

In these cases Winash would give the Resident 4 (four) weeks notice of termination of contract. Winash would support Residents in finding suitable alternative accommodation, by giving them lists of other Homes or putting in contact with Social Services. The notice period may be negotiated within reason should the Resident find alternative accommodation earlier than expected.

Finally, Winash would like to point out that decisions such as these would not be taken lightly and support will be given to assist Residents in finding accommodation.

19. Procedure on either side for terminating this agreement:

  • For any reasons in (18) above
  • For failure to pay fees
  • For being in breach of the terms of this agreement

A Resident should give as much notice as possible should they wish to leave, but a minimum period 4 weeks notice would be expected.

20. Vacated Accommodation:

Accommodation will not be treated as having been vacated until it is emptied of all personal effects and will be charged until this has been completed and at the end of a financial week; i.e. the following Saturday.

21. Data Protection

Winash Rest Home takes confidentiality and data protection very seriously. Winash is registered with the Information Commission Office and has a nominated Data Protection Officer. Please read our related policies for more information:

OP 14 – General Data Protection Regulations Policy

OP 08 – Privacy Notice

CP 03 – Confidentiality Policy (CareDocs Version)

CP 01 – Access to Records Policy

22. Complaints Procedure:

In the first instance all complaints should be made to the Directors or the Manager.

In the event that the complaint cannot be resolved, you may consult the Commission for Social Care Inspection at:

CQC National Customer Service Centre
Newcastle upon Tyne
Tel: 03000 616161


Mrs. M. Clarke (Secretary)
Care and Support West,
The Manor House,
Beckspool Road,
BS16 1NT

23. Procedure on the Death of a Resident:

In the event of death, it is our custom to notify the next of kin and to offer all reasonable assistance with funeral arrangements in accordance with any know wishes of the deceased. Should a Resident become ill or near death, we encourage the Residents’ family to stay, should they wish to do so.

24. Witness of Wills and Legal Documents:

Members of Staff are not to be asked to witness Wills or legal documents.

25. Agreement changes:

Any variations of this agreement, arrangement or regulation can only be accepted if made by the Directors personally and made in writing, no member of Staff has the authority to make a commitment on our behalf.

26. Registration:

A Residential Care Home cannot be registered as a Nursing Home by the Inspection Unit unless dual registration is in force. Winash Residential Care Home is not a Nursing Home and does not have dual registration.

A copy of this letter and our brochure should be shown to you or your Representative before you take up residence. Your acceptance of these terms should be acknowledged by you, by signing this document and returning it to Winash.


We would encourage you to discuss with your families / next of kin about nominating someone with Lasting Powers of Attorney, in case of your inability to manage your own Health or Financial Matters (Mental Capacity Act 2005).

We hope you have a long and happy stay with us.

Yours Sincerely,

Director / Manager Heather House
Winash Residential Care Home

I acknowledge I have received this letter and confirm my acceptance of the terms and conditions.