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Winash Ltd – Covid 19 information

December 2021 UPDATE

Winash in fully compliant with the Health & Social Care Act 2008 (Coronavirus amendment November 2021). All our staff are fully vaccinated and as per the Act, we have made full Covid-19 vaccination status a requirement of employment unless medically exempt.
Most staff have now had their booster jabs, staff who have not yet received theirs are required to get their boosters as soon as they are eligible.
In-line with the Act, all visitors who are entering the Home for professional purposes, hairdressers and contractors for example, are also required to prove their Covid-19 vaccination status.
If you have any questions about how Winash is responding to the Coronavirus pandemic. Please contact Heather House or Natasha Chapman.

All Residents will continue to have unlimited ‘in person’ visits.

We will keep to 2 Visitors per Resident allowed inside per day, unless there are extenuating circumstances.

All Visitors whether inside or outside (except those visiting over the wall in the back garden) will be asked to complete an LFD rapid Covid test before seeing Residents. The LFD test must be logged on On the section ‘Tell us why you took this test’ please put ‘A community organisation provided the test and a Community number’ (our number is 10090843). Please forward your confirmation email to and show evidence of this to staff on your arrival either by showing us your email or your LFD test (in a plastic bag).

All visitors will be asked to wash their hands / use antibacterial gel before donning gloves and doing the same when they leave.


If visiting inside Visitors will be asked to wear gloves, masks & an apron. Unfortunately, we will not be able to offer food or drinks inside because this would mean taking your masks off.


More than 3 visitors in the garden will need to be checked by the Manager / Deputy when the visit is booked in.

We can offer drinks & cake if you are both outside in the garden but this needs to booked by Visitors phoning in or Residents asking us to note this in the diary. The reason for this is to keep Visitors separate from other Residents.

Garden visits can still be booked into the diary manually, but we need to avoid the arrival time of visitors having their LFD (rapid test) done at Winash in the Lodge. The booking slots for the Lodge are 10.00am, 11.00am, 2.00pm and 3.00pm, please contact Winash on 01275873129 Monday to Friday if you don’t know how to use the Koalander booking system.


Due to Covid 19 numbers still increasing in North Somerset we are requiring that sensible precautions are taken when visiting outside of Winash / visiting Families. Visits out do need to be booked so we can ensure we have sufficient wheelchairs if they are needed and a Risk assessment needs to be completed in advance of this.

Residents will need to have an LFD (rapid test) carried out before going out. If this is positive Residents would not be able to go out but would have to self isolate pending their PCR test (lab test for Covid)

Transporting out in a car – Residents will need to sit in the back of the car with windows open and the Driver will need to wear a mask throughout the drive.

Residents are allowed to visit inside  house and only to enter tha family members house. The Resident would need to wash their hands after using the facilities and use antibacterial hand gel which we will give to you prior to leaving Winash.

We will issue you with gloves, mask & apron just in case they are needed to provide any physical support whilst Residents are out.

Everyone present should complete an LFD test to keep Residents safe.  Please log the LFD test result on the Government portal and email the result to:

We are advising that Residents are not to visit cafes / restaurants / pubs just yet. You can take a flask of a hot drink to have when out and we would advise to visit parks ie Herbert Gardens rather than the seafront due to the large crowds whilst we enjoy this hot weather.


Visitors coming to the UK from abroad will need to follow the Government quarantine rules, dependent on which country they are travelling from.

A requirement for face to face/in-house visits will be that a UK PCR test is carried out on arrival and clear results are received.  Daily LFD testing will also be required to reduce the risk of transmission to residents.

We will keep this procedure in place and review every two weeks or sooner should Covid cases increase / decrease or the receipt of any Government guidance.  We are aware new guidance is still being produced and we will send a further update if there are any changes.

Thank you again for your continued support.


Returning from Abroad

Whilst it is now possible to go abroad and not have to isolate upon your return from some countries, we still need to do everything we can to keep our residents and staff safe and would therefore ask that you do not visit (other than over the wall in the garden) within 2 weeks of your return to the UK.

If You Think You May Have Been In Contact with Someone with COVID-19

Even if you have not been contacted by Track & Trace, if you become aware that you may have been in contact with a person(s) who has COVID-19, please don’t visit for at least 10 days.


Please click here to read our Corona Virus Policy and for further guidance on visiting:

From 19th July, all Residents, can now have unlimited ‘in person’ visits.

Residents & Relatives are understandably anxious about the changes, and we are conscious of keeping Residents, Visitors and Staff safe, therefore there will only be 2 Visitors per Resident allowed inside per day.

All Visitors whether inside or outside (except those visiting over the wall in the back garden) will still be asked to complete an LFD rapid Covid test before seeing Residents.

The LFD test must be logged on On the section ‘Tell us why you took this test’ please put ‘A community organisation provided the test and a Community number’ (our number is 10090843). Please forward your confirmation email to and show evidence of this to staff on your arrival either by showing us your results email or text message.

Please click on the link for full information about visiting and residents going out for outside visits:


We are still doing everything we can to keep our residents safe from Covid-19. We continue to have increased infection control measures in place and staff are still doing 2 LFD tests and 1 PCR test every week as well as our residents doing a PCR test every month. All this is in-line with current Government guidance. We are very pleased to be able to allow 5 nominated visitors per residents in to Winash for face to face visits, subject to a negative LFD test and garden visits are continuing for residents to see friends and family not on the nominated list.

If you are a nominated visitor who would like to book in for an LFD test at Winash to come to visit, please click her:

To read the latest Government guidance on visiting in Care Homes, updated 21st June 2021, please click here:


Following a change in the Government guidance, we are very please to be able to allow 1 nominated person per Resident in to Winash for visiting. All visitors will need to have a negative result Covid test before being allowed to come into the building and these will be conducted upon arrival. We have a booking system in place to ensure that visitors do not arrive at the same time and due to this, and time constraints on staff, we have needed to limit the number of visits per day to 4. There is no limit on the length of time of a visit. For more information, and to make a booking, click on the link:
If you are unable to use the booking calendar or you have any questions, please call us on 01275 873 129.

To read the Relative’s zoom meeting minutes, the lastest guidance letter from North Somerset Council and the LFD Self Tesing guidance from the Government, please see the ‘ADDITIONAL INFORMATION’ here:

Government information on care home visiting for the public:

Government guidance for care homes on visiting:


We are delighted to inform you that all Winash residents have received their second vaccine this morning, Thursday 7th January 2021.

We are very proud to be the first care home in North Somerset to receive both doses of the vaccine however this will not change any of the restrictions, infection control processes or safety measures we already have in place.
The vaccine was Pfizer, as before, and there have been no immediate side effects but we will closely monitor everyone in the coming week.  94% of Winash staff have also received their vaccinations. 
Yesterday, all residents had their routine monthly COVID-19 swab test and staff are continuing to be tested 3 times a week.
Visiting restrictions will continue to apply and we will follow Government guidance and assess what is best for the whole Home.  If there are any extenuating circumstances (i.e. end of life care) this can be discussed with the management team.
Thank you once again for your co-operation and understanding in these difficult times.


Unfortunately, we have had to make the decision to suspend all visits to Residents at this time due to an increase in the number of Coronavirus cases in the area. We are hoping to recommence visiting on the 14th January.

Visitor Information for LFD testing – December 2020

Visitor Information

We now have Lateral Flow Devices (LFD) for testing visitors for Coronavirus, before they enter Winash. The lodge is being used as a testing area and you can book the lodge for your test prior to entering the building to visit your loved one.

Further information regarding visiting:

Visits limited to 4 per day, testing takes approximately 45 minutes from start to finish

Available time slots are 10am, 11am, 1:30pm & 2:30pm

Visitors must wear full PPE (masks, aprons and gloves) and these need to be worn at all time.

Needs to be the same 2 nominated visitors – No more than 2 visitors from one household.  If the visitor needs a chaperone they can be from a separate household but this is the only exception.

Arrive at the front door to indicate your arrival. Then go around the side of the house, to the Lodge in back garden for testing and booking in

Any physical items must be handed in at front door for cleaning

No items to be passed to residents directly

Hand sanitiser must be used on entering and leaving the Lodge

The lodge will be cleaned between uses using anti-bacterial wipes on cushions, handles inside & out, light switch and call bell

Windows to be opened between visits

Visiting UpdateNovember 2020

Following the Government announcement at the weekend, regarding another full lockdown, we are writing to let you know that, unfortunately, Winash will not be accepting visitors as of 9.00am, Thursday this week (5th November) until at least 2nd December 2020.  Sadly COVID 19 cases are on the increase in Clevedon and North Somerset.

Residents’ safety is paramount, and we fully understand the strain these restrictions place on families.  Please be reassured we will do everything we can to maintain contact in other ways and hope the activities and engagement with staff will provide stimulation and company for your loved ones during these times apart.  Please phone Winash to book Facetime or Zoom calls with your relative.  We do have 3 iPads that we can use but if you would like your relative to have their own iPad then please do send one in and we will support your relative in using it.  Please don’t call after 4.00pm in the evening as staff are extremely busy assisting residents at this time.

As always, we continue to adhere to both national and local guidance and will keep you informed of any changes.

Thank you once again for you continued support.


Please see listed below precautions that we have taken as part of our risk assessment to protect both Residents and staff from Covid 19 and ensure that Winash is following government guidance and is COVID-safe.

  • All staff who have been off work / on furlough have had the Covid 19 test prior to returning to work. All new staff have also been tested.
  • On arrival at work staff sign in to confirm that they don’t have any symptoms of Covid 19 and their temperature is checked.
  • All residents have their temperature tested daily.
  • A floor at a time come down to the Dining room for lunch and supper, whilst the other residents have their meals in their rooms.
  • We have been continuing with activities provided by care staff, taking on quizzes, sing-a-longs, baking, gardening art etc to name a few.
  • Alison has been doing exercises from the garden with the residents.
  • Heather was doing chiropody but Mr Strickland has now returned as of mid-June. All precautions in place, gloves, aprons visors, hand gel / washing between each resident.
  • Sandy, the hairdresser is booked in from 13th July and again has all PPE and safety measures in place.
  • The admin team and kitchen staff have been coming in via the back garden by the laundry room and are staying either in the office or kitchen as far as they can to reduce interactions between people as far as possible.
  • We have plenty of PPE, gloves, aprons, visors, surgical facemasks and alcohol hand gel.
  • Night staff wipe down all door handles, push plates & handrails each night in addition to usual cleaning.
  • When interacting with residents and if we are under 2 metres away from them, we wear gloves & aprons in addition to the masks we wear. These are changed for each interaction with a resident.
  • If staff are not interacting closely with residents, we wear masks for a session and do not touch them until they are taken off for break time. Then a new mask is put on after breaks.
  • We wash hands on arrival at work, before & after eating, on attending each resident and before we go home.
  • Uniforms are changed at work and laundered here to reduce risk transmission between outside and inside.
  • If a Residents has to go into hospital for whatever the reason, they are kept in quarantine for 2 weeks in their bedroom on their return, before being allowed to mix around the home.
  • No Residents have been out apart from going into the garden.
  • We have relaxed visiting slightly so that residents can see relatives / friends by them sitting in the tennis courts and talking to them over the wall or sitting at least 2 metres apart in the garden. Please note that the Tennis courts have asked that we don’t park in their car park.
  • We have used Skype, facetime & zoom on the ipads to enable residents to communicate with friends & family.
  • Staff don’t go into the kitchen – we have a drinks station in the dining room.
  • We are restricting physical contact where at all possible.
  • Only essential contractors are allowed in and follow our procedure for checking in (PPE & handwashing etc).
  • We have used one agency on nights who hasn’t worked anywhere else as we guaranteed we would offer her set hours a week during this period.
  • It is recommended that staff only work in one setting / location as per government guidance to reduce the risk of exposure to covid 19.
  • Due to increased workload we have recruited additional staff.
  • We have reduced baths / showers to weekly as it is difficult to social distance in a bathroom.
  • We haven’t had any staff or residents test positive for Covid 19 which is great but if any resident is suspected of having any symptoms they would be tested and isolated until their results are back.
  • All Staff are now being tested weekly and Residents every 28 days for Covid 19.
  • Any staff with symptoms would be asked to go to Bristol airport to get tested and to isolate until a negative result, or 7 days free of symptoms if positive.

We are cautiously re-introducing the chiropodist & hairdresser but are prepared to stop this again should there be an outbreak here or if they develop Covid 19. Unfortunately, we do feel it is too soon to relax our restrictions on families or friends visiting at the present time.

For comprehensive information about the coronavirus itself, please follow the latest advice on the NHS or Gov.UK websites.

Covid-19 UPDATE – April 2020

We are treating this matter with the utmost importance and we have developed our plans in line with Government and Public Health England (PHE) guidance to be prepared for any eventuality, including in the event of a coronavirus outbreak at a home. We are working closely with our Local Authorities and Public Health England (PHE) as we continue to review the ever-evolving situation.

We will seek to ensure that our residents experience a minimal amount of disruption to their day-to-day lives as we continue to implement our contingency plans. This includes equipping our staff team members with the knowledge they need to deliver high-quality care, safely and effectively by providing the most current PHE advice and putting in place our Enhanced Infection Control Procedures. We have comprehensive contingency plans in place should an outbreak occur, and we are receiving regular information and updates.

Visiting Policy

The health, safety and wellbeing for residents and staff members must be our primary concern and following Government advice, we made the difficult decision to stop all non-essential visits until further notice. Non-essential visits include routine visits from loved ones and from anyone carrying out non-essential work in the care home. Vital visits from healthcare professionals will continue as normal, with any visitors having to adhere to our strict visiting protocols.

Our staff are doing all they can to ensure that life remains as comfortable and sociable as possible and we are using technology such as Facetime & skype to support residents to maintain contact with their loved ones throughout this period. We will keep in regular contact with relatives, so they have information about their relative’s health and well-being.

If a Resident requires End of Life Care or where there are exceptional circumstances for a visit, these will be carefully considered and discussed to ensure that safeguarding steps can be taken to protect residents and staff.

Life in our home

The safety and quality of life of your loved one has always been our primary concern. Though we’ve had to close Winash to visitors, you can rest assured that the day to day life continues as normally as possible, with close attention to infection control measures and following all the latest Government guidance. Appropriate entertainment and activities, excellent meals and hydration, quality care are all delivered as usual. The Winash team would like to take this opportunity to thank you for all the wonderful support and understanding that we have received from so many relatives and loved ones of the residents we are privileged to care for. And, as usual, a massive thank you for the dedication and hard work of all our staff members. One of our core values is that each and every employee is important, and this has never been truer.

Our staff team

We are constantly reviewing the guidance from Public Health England (PHE) to ensure that our staff understand and are following the latest advice. Keeping our residents and our staff healthy has always been the most important factor in the running of our home, and that continues to be true. Our staff understand and follow the guidance of the experts at Public Health England and we will continue to provide the safest environment for your loved ones that we possibly can.

Hygiene in our home

All our teams are trained to the highest standard in Infection Control Measures. They are following enhanced hygiene procedures within the home, including guidance from PHE which states that regular and stringent handwashing for everyone, alongside the use of Personal Protective Equipment at all times is of vital importance in the prevention and control of infections. We are also making sure that everybody in the home understands the signs and symptoms of Covid-19 to enable them to carry out rigorous and regular surveillance.

We have an Infection, Prevention and Control Information Station on each floor where we are reinforcing messages of excellent personal hygiene for staff and making sure that we have all the latest updates on how they can help.

Our housekeeping teams are also playing a key role. They are ensuring that our home are kept thoroughly cleaned and disinfected, paying particular attention to frequently touched surfaces and objects.

Keeping Safe

In addition to following all the latest Government guidance, at Winash we have implemented extra measures to ensure we are providing a safe environment for residents and staff. All residents in our home are having their temperature checked regularly to allow for early detection if somebody is unwell. In addition, on arrival for their shift at the home, staff members are being asked a series of health screening questions about their own health, and that of their family, before they have contact with residents. All our staff have access to the full range of Personal Protective Equipment as set out in the guidance we receive from Public Health England. We have been working extremely hard to acquire adequate stocks and we continue to have supplies delivered. With enhanced health checks and excellent standards of personal and environmental hygiene, we are working hard to keep your loved ones as safe and healthy as we can.

Rest Assured…

We are doing everything possible to ensure that life in Winash is as normal and safe as we can. A massive thank you goes out to all our families, friends, staff and residents for your on-going support. We really appreciate it.

Covid-19 Frequently Asked Questions for families and friends – APRIL 2020

Why am I unable to visit my loved one?

We took the difficult decision to restrict all non-essential visits in order to minimise the risk of infection to our residents and to protect both them and the staff teams who care for them.

What is a non-essential visit?

A non-essential visit is a visit to any our home by any person who is NOT a healthcare professional or Public Health official. This means all visits from relatives and friends of residents are now restricted and any visits by non-essential maintenance teams, external entertainers, community groups, hairdressers etc. have been postponed until further notice. We have also suspended any trips for our residents to destinations outside of their home.

Are there any special circumstances when visits are allowed?

If the health of your loved one is deteriorating, then a visit to the home can be arranged. Any such visits will need to be discussed with Heather, Natasha or Emma.

How can I keep in touch with my loved one during the closure period?

Our staff are doing all they can to ensure that life in our home remains as comfortable and sociable as possible and we are using technology such as Skype & Facetime calling to support relatives to maintain contact with their loved ones throughout this period.

How are residents being kept active whilst the home is closed?

Our activities and entertainments continue to run regularly with a schedule of daily activities to help keep our residents active, entertained and engaged. These are planned in keeping with social distancing policies. We are also making good use of our gardens, weather permitting, to ensure that residents have safe access to fresh air and outdoor exercise. Please look on our website for the weekly activities schedule under the heading ‘ Whats on’

Do you have adequate food supplies in the home?

We are well supplied with provisions from our usual suppliers with whom we have built up strong relationships over the years. Our supply chains remain as strong as ever, but should we encounter any difficulties, we have contingency plans in place. We are ensuring that any deliveries to the home are made in a safe and controlled manner.

How are you keeping residents and staff safe?

Every year we prepare to deal with infectious viruses like influenza and norovirus. As such, we already have robust policies in place to reduce the chances of viruses spreading and to minimise the risk to our residents. We are taking the coronavirus outbreak extremely seriously, however, and have updated our policies in line with UK Government advice. As well as limiting access to our home we have implemented further strict hygiene rules throughout our home, including regular disinfection of frequently touched objects and surfaces and the use of PPE at all times to reduce the spread of infection. In addition, we are carrying out daily temperature checks on all residents in order to detect at the earliest opportunity if a resident becomes unwell.

On arrival for their shift at the home, staff are being asked a series of health screening questions about their own health and that of their family before they have contact with residents, as well as having their temperature taken. We are also providing regular advice and guidance to staff as to how to keep themselves healthy, including the importance of social distancing when not working at the home.

Residents are having meals served in their bedrooms. At lunchtime we are able to accommodate one floor of residents to come to the dining room for their meal, but they are sitting on separate tables 2 metres apart.

We took the decision to restrict bathing / showering to once a week for all residents as we are unable to maintain social distancing in the bathrooms and are reducing the exposure for both Residents and Staff.

Heather is starting to trim & file toenails as we are not having the chiropodist in currently.

The hairdresser isn’t coming in, but we are washing people’s hair when they have a shower and staff are attempting to upskill their hairdressing techniques with curlers.

For those people requiring district nurse attention Heather has extended her role to do these dressings and is linking in with the District Nurse service for advice.

The GP and Advanced Care Practitioner are maintaining links with us via NHS mail and facetime consultations with them as required. We have always monitored residents’ health with regards blood pressure, pulse, temperature, Oxygen saturations, weight & blood glucose monitoring and are continuing to monitor these to aid the medical practitioners.

Hearing aids & glasses can be repaired as required but we are not having any routine testing.

Do you have adequate supplies of Personal Protective Equipment?

There has been much attention in the media about homes having no access to Personal Protective Equipment. We want to reassure you that all our colleagues have access to the full range of appropriate Personal Protective Equipment as set out in the guidance we receive from Public Health England. We have been working hard to secure adequate stocks and continue to have supplies delivered.

Do you have adequate staffing levels?

We want to pay tribute to our wonderful dedicated staff who continue to provide love, care and support to our residents during this difficult time. Although some of our staff have been unable to attend work through Government advised self-isolation, social distancing or shielding measures, our brilliant staff teams remain strong. If we do need to supplement our staffing levels, we have staff that we are able to call on and in addition we have successfully recruited new colleagues during this time.

Is Covid-19 testing available for staff and residents?

The Government has recently announced new testing measures for Covid-19 on 28th April 2020 for both symptomatic & non symptomatic residents and staff in care homes. Testing for staff is now available at Bristol Airport and we are encouraging all staff to get tested.

What happens if my loved one develops Covid-19?

If a resident develops the symptoms of Covid-19, they will immediately be isolated within their room to allow us to complete the period of isolation advised by the UK Government. We will contact our local health professionals as well as Public Health England to notify them of the resident’s illness and to seek their guidance. Our main priority is to provide care for the resident concerned as well as protecting staff and other residents from contracting the illness.

We will follow the strict protocols for the care and support of individuals with Covid-19, in line with all the latest Government guidance, including the use of full PPE for staff at all times. We will continue to closely monitor the resident and will seek further medical assistance where necessary.

We will inform the nominated Next of Kin immediately if their loved one becomes unwell and will provide regular updates on their health and wellbeing.

If you are worried about your loved one, then you can contact: Heather, Natasha or Emma – Email: (for general enquiries – not manned after 4.00pm or at weekends).  Telephone: 01275 873129.

Will you be admitting new residents to the home?

Although we want to do our part to help local communities, health partners and our Local Authorities, we have made the decision to decline any admissions in order to protect our Residents, We have kept three rooms empty, two for isolation and one for storage of essential supplies.

Should we decide to open to admissions then we would:

  • Ensure all new admissions from hospital will only be people deemed safe to be discharged from hospital and have tested negative for coronavirus but still need some support in a care setting;
  • Screen all admissions from those within the community to ensure that they are not displaying symptoms of Covid-19, or have not been in contact with anybody who is confirmed or suspected of having Covid-19 within the last 14 days.
  • Place any new residents into self-isolation for a period of fourteen days, as per Government and Public Health England guidance.
  • Closely monitor all new arrivals, with daily health and temperature checks.